Going Behind the Scenes to Get More Social with NASA

    In a time where social rules the world, NASA has taken a unique approach to extend their social reach by engaging with super fans, bloggers, videographers and influencers. Their program, NASA Social (@NASASocial), takes these audiences behind the scenes of NASA for experiences that would not normally be available to the average Joe. The goal? Assemble attendees with an interest in NASA projects and give them the tools to communicate NASA's message far and wide, of course, through social media.

    So how does it really work? Natalie Joseph, social media and web content manager at NASA’s Langley Research Center in Hampton, VA, let us know at our January 16 meeting at the Norfolk Yacht & Country Club. Anyone can apply to attend a NASA social. NASA selects applicants with good social followings who post fairly frequently (having obscene content in your feeds is a no-go for NASA). The chosen applicants are treated to a VIP experience where they can network, social, meet NASA subject matter experts, see places that are not available on a public tour and ask a TON of questions. As you might have guessed, taking photos, videos and sharing far and wide is more than welcome. NASA then engages with attendees and shares their social content.

    So, how can you take the online, offline and leverage your organization's resources to expand your social reach? View Natalie's presentation here and learn more about NASA social below. 

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