Benefits of Membership

    By  becoming a member of the world's largest organization for public relations professionals you can empower yourself through an array of opportunities such as professional development, education publications, career  resources, and job search assistance. For a complete listing of the many benefits you will receive by joining PRSA, click here. 


    If you spend a substantial portion of your time in one or more of the designated practice areas below or if you teach/administer public relations curriculum at an accredited college or university, you are eligible to join PRSA. If unemployed, refer to your most recent position.

    Practice areas: community relations, consumer affairs/public affairs, employee relations, financial communications/investor relations, government relations, institutional/corporate advertising, marketing communications, media relations, public relations counseling, public relations management and administration, public relations teaching, research and special events.

    Joining PRSA

    Members and associate members must belong to PRSA National in order to join PRSA Hampton Roads. To join PRSA National, fill out an application online. Be sure to indicate that you are joining the Hampton Roads chapter. All payments should be sent directly to PRSA National.

    If you have specific questions about membership in the local chapter, please contact [email protected]

    Membership Dues


    National Initiation Fee: $70
    National Membership Dues: $255
    Local Chapter Dues: $75

    Associate Member

    Special category open to those with less than two years of experience or full-time advanced degree candidates. Rates are as follows:

    Initiation Fee: $0
    PRSSA Graduate Dues: $60
    Full-time masters or Ph.D. student dues: $60
    Practitioner with less than two years experience dues: $155 
    Practitioner with less than two years experience dues: $115
    Local Chapter Dues: $75 

    Associate Members must pay the $70 initiation fee when converting membership to a regular member.

    Retired Member

    Members who have retired from full time employment may switch to retired member status if they are working less than 20 hours a week without the intent of returning to work full time, and have been a PRSA member in good standing for five or more consecutive years. Individuals may not join PRSA as retired members.

    National Dues: $50
    Local Chapter Dues: $25

    If you are a current PRSA member who is retiring from full-time employment, please contact [email protected]