Member Services


    Dues Renewal

    PRSA National collects dues for both national and chapter membership. Dues are renewed on a fiscal year from the original date of membership. Invoices are sent directly to the member from national headquarters and should be paid directly to PRSA headquarters.

    Name Tag Order

    PRSA Hampton Roads provides a free name tag to all new chapter members and to newly accredited members. To order a name tag or make changes to your current name tag, please contact our chapter treasurer, at [email protected]

    Change of address, email, phone, etc.

    Your member record with PRSA Hampton Roads is created with the information you've placed on file with PRSA National. To update your contact information, login to your account with PRSA National. The changes will be sent to us. 

    media directory

    For questions about or assistance with the PRSAHR media directory, please contact Media Directory Chair Alisa Crider