Get Connected with the MyPRSA Online Community

     - Christine Brantley, APR, PRSAHR Membership Chair

    Next time you're stuck on a perplexing communication issue at work, try posting a question about it on the MyPRSA Online Community. You're likely to receive suggestions from PRSA members around the country who have successfully managed a similar issue. There are nearly 22,000 members nationwide participating with 1.5K discussions to date.

    MyPRSA Online Community is a private, PRSA members-only site. Its responsive design is easy to use, accessible from your computer or mobile device 24/7 and searchable. Choose how you want to receive notifications from the community, either a daily summary or in separate emails as topics are posted or answered. I opted for the daily digest to keep my inbox lighter. I haven't posted a question yet myself, but I've benefitted from recent discussions on fake news, internal communication and more.

    As a PRSA member, you have access to all open communities. If you’re a member of a Professional Interest Section, such as Employee, Association/Nonprofit or Corporate Communications, you’ll find specialized forums, too. Ready to dive in?

    I hope you’ll find MyPRSA Online Community another helpful member resource!

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