6 Steps to Obtaining Your APR

    So you've made the decision to pursue your Accreditation in Public Relations (APR).  To help, Below, here are 6 steps to obtaining your APR.

    1. Do your research.
    -Reach out to other APRs. Ask for informational interviews.
    -Visit the Universal Accreditation Board (UAB), the administrating authority for APR.

    2. Apply
    -Fill out the APR Application and submit to Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) National.
    -Submit the application with a $25 application fee plus either a one-time payment of $385 or two payments of $205 (one due with the application and one due with the passing of the Readiness Review). The Hampton Roads PRSA Chapter refunds all fees at the passing of the Computer Based Examination (CBE).
    -Wait approximately four weeks to hear back from PRSA National if you are approved to pursue APR. If so, you have one year from approval to sit for and pass the CBE.

    3. Prepare and Conduct the Readiness Review
    -The Readiness Review is a presentation of your portfolio of a complete public relations plan to a board of Chapter APRs to determine your readiness to sit for the CBE.
    -Review the Readiness Review Guide and Materials.
    -Complete the Readiness Review Questionnaire at least 15 days prior to your scheduled Readiness Review and submit to the Chapter APR Chair. The Chair will work with you to coordinate your Readiness Review.
    -Complete your Readiness Review and wait approximately three weeks for an Advance/Not Advance result from the UAB by mail.
    -If you Advance, you will receive your Candidate ID Number to sign up for your CBE.
    -If you receive a Not Advance, you can try your Readiness Review again in 90 days.

    4. Study for the Computer Based Examination
    -Once you receive an Advance notice from the UAB, you are now eligible to take the CBE.
    -Download the APR Study Guide  
    -Sign up for the UAB Online Study Course  ($195 fee).
    -Look for local APR Academies and Boot Camps to enhance the knowledge, skills and abilities tested in the CBE.

    5. Sign up and sit for the CBE at your local testing center
    - Sign up for the CBE at your local Prometric Testing Center, using your Candidate ID Number. It is recommend you sign up 30 days prior to your desired test date.
    -You will receive your time and date for the test. Be sure to follow the instructions on what forms of identification you must bring with you and other details. 
    -Arrive early and take your exam. Once completed, you will receive an immediate non-official fail/pass and your strengths and weaknesses. About four weeks later, you will receive the official fail/pass from PRSA National.

    6. After the CBE
    -If you pass, your local Chapter APR Chair will contact you to schedule your official pin presentation ceremony.
    -Maintenance is required throughout the life of your APR.
    -If you do not pass, you will need to resubmit payment to UAB for another opportunity to retake the CBE with a renewed Candidate ID Number.

    We have every confidence in your ability to pass the Readiness Review and Computer Based Examination. If you have any questions, please contact the PRSA Hampton Roads APR Committee. We are here to help you every step of the way. 

    PRSA Hampton Roads APR Committee   
    Courtney Anderson, APR                
    Ray Atkinson, APR                          
    Monica Miller Rodgers, APR 


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