Spotlight: Rebecca Hansen

    Years in the industry: 4

    Current employer: City of Hampton, Hampton Coliseum & Hampton Arts Commission

    What is the biggest communications challenge you've ever faced on the job, and how did your solve it?
    At the beginning of COVID-19, there was a lot of uncertainty about the status of hosting large-scale events. At Hampton Coliseum, we had back-to-back shows in mid-March, and we had less than a day's notice to cancel and postpone the concerts. We immediately drafted communications to ticket purchasers via email, website, marquee and social media. By notifying them of the correct steps to take with our ticket provider, many guests appreciated the safety measures and waited patiently for more info.

    What is the most important communications lesson you've ever learned?
    Everyone's background/knowledge/experience is different and incredibly valuable in the decision-making process.

    What one piece of advice would you give new communicators?
    Listen, then act succinctly.

    When you're not working, where might we find you?
    Traveling around the East Coast or watching movies

    What's your favorite place you've ever traveled?
    Vancouver, Canada

    What's the greatest benefit you've gotten from being a PRSA member?
    Connecting with like-minded individuals in-person at meetings or online during webinars

    What are you reading? Listening to? Watching?
    Reading: To Kill A Mockingbird. Listening to: Broadway soundtracks. Watching: Everything in my NetFlix queue

    How can we find you on social media?


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