Help Us Improve Our Diversity and Inclusion Efforts

    Dear PRSA Hampton Roads Members,

    As public relations professionals, we can and should be agents of change, practitioners of clear and accurate information. It’s the nature of our profession to be keenly aware of current events and social issues. This allows us to provide solid counsel to leadership on communicating with empathy, understanding and authenticity. We can advise on concrete actions and goals that are relevant both to employees and to the public.

    And yet, sometimes, we miss the mark. Your Board of Directors recognizes that when it comes to emphasizing diversity and inclusion in our chapter, we have a lot of opportunity to improve in this area.

    One glaring gap is our Diversity and Inclusion Committee. At this time, the committee has zero members, and it has been left to the Board to determine our D&I efforts, which is not optimal nor truly representative of our membership. Our recognition and active advancement of this committee has fallen short. We recognize this, and we are working to change it.

    The first step toward making the PRSA Hampton Roads Chapter truly diverse and inclusive is to listen. Talk to us. Tell us where and how we can improve to better serve ALL our members. Be direct. Be blunt. We want to have honest conversations about how to move D&I forward, and your voice needs to be heard. Register now for this important virtual chat being held July 8 at 11 a.m.

    Next, take action. Join us on the D & I Committee. Your input and your voice are valuable and necessary to help lead true change in our chapter and in our organization. To get involved, you can reach out to any board member, and we will follow up.

    2020 PRSA Hampton Roads Chapter Board of Directors

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