Local PR Students Get Professional Advice

    Recently, PRSA Hampton Roads hosted a virtual discussion between PRSA members & PRSSA students from Old Dominion University. Twenty people attended overall. The conversation covered everything from beginning career stories to employable skills. Here is some of the advice shared:

    • Look for transferable skills. Professionals shared stories about the unlikely jobs that contributed to launching their careers. They advised students to take available opportunities even when it doesn't have the desired title. Focus on developing the skills and gaining references to get to the next job.

    • Volunteer! Even if an organization isn't hiring, they may accept volunteers or create an option for it if asked. Willingly completing quality work on your own time or taking on additional responsibility in the job you do have is a great way of demonstrating passion and initiative.

    • Interviews require preparation. Look up a business before coming in for the interview. Review the job description to think of examples of your work that would be relevant to the position. Answer questions in the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) format.

    • Google yourself. Think about your personal brand online. Employers will look at your pages and review what you follow.

    • Mentorship happens naturally. It is the result of a positive working relationship and doesn't need to be officially labeled as one to be considered as such.

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