Pandemic: We Need a Playbook for PR Professionals

    We've all been thrown for a loop. A pandemic with no true end date was just delivered to our doorsteps, forcing many of us to stay home and rethink our everyday practices.

    Recently, PRSA Hampton Roads put together a week of virtual chats for local PR professionals to come together and discuss challenges and victories during this unprecedented time. We divided these chats into five specific industry lunchtime meetings. Unfortunately, we were unable to capture all five chats on video, but have included the three we were here. Please check these out and continue the conversations on our Facebook page.

    Healthcare Industry discussion with Dale Gauding

    This national pandemic is definitely keeping the healthcare industry busy. During this first lunchtime chat, participants discussed just how busy it has them and how it's changed what and how things are being communicated.

    Agency and Independent Practitioners discussion with Kevin Gaydosh, APR, Fellow PRSA

    During this lunchtime chat, Kevin Gaydosh filled us in on some of the things O'Brien et al is doing during this time of COVID-19. How are other local PR agencies and independent practitioners having to pivot from normal operations if at all? What effects has this pandemic had on your business? What best practices have you found that you can share? 

    View the session.

    Government discussion with Holly Christopher

    The government doesn't shut down for a pandemic. There are a lot of communications, if not more than usual, to get out to the masses. During this chat, government PR professionals talked about how this has changed their interactions with the public they still have to regularly communicate with. Are you in this industry? How is your department preparing for what comes next?

    View the session.

    Nonprofit discussion with Sally Kirby Hartman

    This session was another good one. It was great to hear how local nonprofits are adjusting and helping in different and creative ways during this COVID-19 pandemic. We want to know more from those in nonprofits who were unable to attend. How are you mastering the art of "the ask" during this COVID-19 era?

    Education discussion with Dr. Vincent Rhodes, APR

    We ended the lunchtime chat series with a discussion for PR professionals in the education field. What do you all think? Will this pandemic forever change education and how messages are sent out?

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