An Achievable Dream, we see your #PRinAction with this awesome campaign featuring former students! What a great way to showcase what’s possible for current and prospective students!

    "I experienced the 'Achievable Dream difference' firsthand. I've watched my peers flourish when society and statistics said they should have failed. I have friends who are first-generation college graduates from low-income, single-parent homes. They are now doctors, lawyers, dentists, educational and business leaders. Some of them experienced displacement, neglect, abuse, and myriad other factors that statistically should have disqualified them from success. But we are resilient. We are Dreamers." 
    - Barbara Banks, AAD Class of 2009, Ph.D. candidate and entrepreneur

    This is the difference YOU make when you support An Achievable Dream. Click here to join our monthly giving society, the Dream Club, today --> https://achievabledream.org/dreamclub/


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