PRSA Members Give Input

    Our recent PRSA Hampton Roads member survey drew 46 responses from members. The chapter’s board of directors appreciates all the thoughtful responses. Responders provided dozens of creative and helpful ideas for PRSA speakers, programs, tours and socials.

    Your board and committees are using survey information to guide our programs and activities. Here are a few highlights from the responses.

    Preferred meetings times:

    • 46% -- breakfast meetings
    • 70% -- lunch meetings (note that responders could choose both answers)
    • Some responders suggested alternating between breakfast and lunch or having late afternoon or evening gatherings.

    Preferred professional development format:

    • 39% -- full-day conference
    • 50% -- half-day conference
    • 65% -- occasional two-hour training
    • 37% -- training at regular meetings (note that responders could choose multiple answers)

    When asked about their interest in starting small groups, top choices were were for:

    • Senior-level professionals
    • Nonprofit professionals
    • Peninsula professionals
    • Government professionals
    • New chapter members
    • Agency professionals

    Some responders are not interested in small groups. Others suggested a variety of potential groups, including APR study groups, independent practitioners, social media power users, young professionals, corporate and mid-level professionals.

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