What are Editorial and Content Calendars?

    Editorial calendars originated in print. They helped editors, reporters and staff keep track of stories from start to finish and allowed contributors to stay on track while meeting ad copy, photo release waiver and print deadlines. Of course, now we have dozens of different delivery points when it comes to content and not every entity is the same, nor should we post the same exact content across all mediums. Editorial calendars have adapted to include traditional media (print, television, outdoor and radio); as well as, digital media (social media, online ads, video and influencer communities).

    People have started to use the term “content calendar” to replace editorial calendar, but I feel there are slight differences between the two.

    Editorial calendar versus content calendar
    While used interchangeably, editorial and content calendars differ. Editorial calendars are more encompassing, think of it as more of a GPS navigation system. If you don’t plug in the coordinates, you won’t get there. Content calendars help that road trip. You’ll plug in where to stop for fuel, lodging, recreation and dining. 

    How do these calendars help?
    Just reading the above feels dizzying. It’s understandable why people procrastinate on planning…it’s very time consuming and in this day and age where we have a million things thrown at us at once, planning your editorial and content calendars can fall by the wayside.

    Simply put, having calendars helps increase confidence in one’s marketing plan. When you’re not organized, you rush through plans and miss opportunities in your mad dash to create content and deliver by deadlines.  We’re going to help streamline this process for you at the PRSA Hampton Roads event on January 17!

    Anyone can benefit from having an editorial and content calendar. If you’re running your content by yourself, it’s even more important to have a plan in place because you’re wearing more than one hat and don’t have support staff to assist you. If you have a team of folks helping, pull them in and have a meeting…no one leaves until these calendars are in motion!

    Where do we start?
    Editorial calendars should include any traditional media you are planning.  This includes deadlines for submission. You’ll then take those dates and plan out content on your social media feeds, company newsletters, email blasts and website.

    We’re going to continue this discussion and take a deep dive into creating editorial and content calendars in the PRSA Hampton Roads meeting on January 17. To register, click here.

    I can't wait to see you then!

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