Meet New Member Meredith S. Gray

    Meredith Gray began her eight-year career in public relations working with small government contractors that needed assistance with business development, marketing and PR. She transitioned to work for a global shipping company where she says she learned from great mentors and became versed in global branding and public affairs. For the last nine months, she has served as director of communications for the Chrysler Museum of Art.

    Meredith joined PRSA to connect with local colleagues, take advantage of the resources available and also learn from her peers on a national level.

    If she didn’t work in public relations, Meredith knows exactly what she’d be doing instead: “Interior Design! I follow a ton of design blogs and can get into trouble at HomeGoods.”

    Now let’s really get to know Meredith:

    1.  If you could only eat at one restaurant for the rest of your life, where would you go and why? I have to say my favorite place has been LeGrand Kitchen in Norfolk because the chef is amazing and he uses a lot of local ingredients, regularly changing the menu based on what’s available. The space is intimate, you can watch the chefs cook and I love to try new things. His creative menus keep me coming back!

    2. What’s your favorite book (or movie or song) of all time? Why? “Left to Tell,” by Immaculée Ilibagiza had a profound impact on me when I read it in my early twenties. It is about a young woman, against all odds, survived the Rwandan genocide in 1994. While sad and often scary, following her plight helped me view my life through a new lens. Growing up in a safe home with kind neighbors should be a given, but for many children it is not.  “The Glass Castle: A Memoir,” by Jeannette Walls was also enlightening; showing what a challenging childhood looks like to some children in our own country.

    3. What’s one thing about you that others are surprised to discover? I love Doritos on my PBJ-anyone else?

    4. What's the last picture you took with your phone? Halloween Party this weekend with my Baby Barista

    5. Name five people you'd invite to your dream dinner party: Ellen DeGeneres, for laughs; a soldier, to give thanks; my grandparents, to learn what it was like growing up during the Great Depression and to fight in WWII; the Dalai Lama, to bring peace; and Bill Gates, because of his innovative mind and philanthropic efforts.

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