Let’s take a little Ethics Quiz

    Let’s take a little Ethics Quiz…

    You are having a briefing meeting with a new client and want to be sure to capture all of their comments, so you bring a tape recorder to the meeting. You don't want it to be a distraction, so you place it inside your folder on the table and record the meeting without mentioning it to the client. Are you breaching PR ethics?

    Answer: Yes, you are breaching PR ethics. While it is legal to record conversations in some states as long as one of the parties is aware of the recording, it is still unethical to record conversations without all parties being aware of it. Four different PRSA Code of Ethics provisions: Free Flow of Information, Disclosure of Information, Safeguarding Confidences, and Conflicts of Interest dictate that one should always inform all parties participating in the dialogue that a recording of the conversation is intended, allowing anyone who disapproves to refrain from participating.

    For more information about issues of illegal and unethical recording, see PRSA Professional Standards Advisory #18

    And, in the interest of full transparency and ethics, I’ve captured that Q&A verbatim from the Ethics section of PRSA’s website. Did you know that there are dozens of ethics resources on the PRSA website, from quiz questions, to blogs on the topic, to links to access the Code of Ethics’ app?

    I’ll be sharing more about these and many other ethics resources throughout Ethics Month and through the remainder of the year. Stay tuned…. 

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