Do You Have to "Dig a Little" to find your online press room?

    At our Aug. 16 meeting, we took a trip to the Peninsula to learn how to create an online press room. Wait...not just an online press room, an award-winning and, more importantly, effective online press room. 

    Ferguson's Christine Dwyer and Zsavonne Perryman, with the help of Dan Cawley of WTKR, led us through their recently launched (and award-winning) online press room. We discussed it all: key components, key info the media want and talking points to include in a business case to your management. 

    Here are 10 tips to get you started with, or help you enhance, your own online press room:

    1. No digging allowed! If you have to "dig a little" to find your press room, it's ineffective. Make it easy to find. This does not mean it has to be front and center on your homepage; just make sure it's present. Don't forget to lead the media directly to it when pitching. 
    2. Ensure it's optimized for mobile.
    3. Don't be self-absorbed! Utilize content marketing strategies rather than simply talking about yourself and how great your product/company is. Start with the story to tell, not to sell. If you tell the story on your site, you can copy it directly to other platforms, such as social media.
    4. Video is king. Use it often. Use it wisely.
    5. Ensure the content is written with the media in mind. 
    6. Make sure you have the ability to view analytics.
    7. Get the word out about your press room. Ask key media contact to subscribe. 
    8. Create a style guide and content calendar.
    9. What the media needs:
      • Stories that are easy to share
      • High-resolution photos, logos, etc. that are easy to download
      • Easy-to-find contact information
      • Fast facts about your organization
      • Stories and headshots for executives/leadership
      • Educational content
      • Organized and searchable content
      • Links to social networks
    10. Eighty one percent of purchasers do research before buying. They will find your press site. Use it to educate, inform and entertain them. Include things such as demos, how-to videos and infographics. 

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