Membership Monday - Meet Board Member Lori Sharp

    Get to know the most recent addition to the PRSAHR board, Lori Crowe Sharp.

    Lori Crowe Sharp, public relations coordinator at Bon Secours Health System, has worked in public relations for 11 years. She’s been a member of PRSA Hampton Roads for seven of those years and has served on the Pinnacle Awards committee as a member, and chaired the 2017 committee.

    Lori became involved in public relations while an undergraduate at Virginia Tech when she decided to major in communication studies with an emphasis in public relations. “I was interested in the event planning and promotion components of PR and used those skills as a member of the student activities board,” she said. “After college, I chose to pursue a master’s degree in College Student Affairs Administration and worked in Student Activities for several years.” She then did a stint as a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society before moving on to work at Norfolk Public Library (NPL) as the volunteer coordinator. After three months in the job, she became the interim Public Relations Coordinator and then was hired permanently for that job. She worked at NPL for nine years before moving on to work at Bon Secours.

    Lori joined PRSA for the networking and professional development opportunities that the organization provides. Her advice for those who are new to the profession: “Learn it all! Don’t limit yourself to just understanding public relations - you need skills in marketing and advertising as well. We all need to play nice together because the only way to get the word out is through integrated communications.”    

    Now for the important questions:  

    1. If you didn't work in public relations, what would you be doing instead? I would be working in Student Affairs at a large state university.
    2.  What’s your favorite book, movie or song of all time? Why? Favorite movie is "Singin’ in the Rain." I love musicals and Gene Kelly is one of my idols. My favorite book is "Little Women." I love the family dynamics and storyline. Favorite song is Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers. I’m a romantic at heart :)
    3. What’s one thing about you that others are surprised to discover? That I have been dancing since I was three and still attend dance classes and perform.
    4. What's the last picture you took with your phone? A picture of my son Connor (2 ½) on the beach at OBX for the first time this summer.
    5. Name five people you'd invite to your dream dinner party. All of them are no longer with us, so this would be in a dream: Gene Kelly, Judy Garland, my Grandma Nancy, Cyd Charrise and Fred Astaire. 

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