Check Out the Award-Winning Work of Our 2017 Pinnacles Winners

    The PRSA Hampton Roads 2017 Pinnacle Awards were held Wednesday, June 21 at The Main in downtown Norfolk. Interested in seeing what award-winning work looks like? Look no further. View the winners' work below and check out photos from our event on our chapter Facebook page


    1st Place
    Tactics: Newsletters of $4,999 and below
    EVMS eNews 2016
    Eastern Virginia Medical School

    In 2015, the EVMS Marketing & Communications team determined that their message to students, staff and faculty could be more engaging and better communicated. It could also be more efficiently produced. At that time the weekly newsletter was delivered as an HTML email via outlook. Each week an art director built the newsletter from scratch, using valuable time that could be spent on more detailed projects. There were no metrics available to determine how many people were reading it or how many people were clicking through to content. The majority of content included news headlines and campus announcements.

    View the winning work here. 

    1st Place
    Tactics: Video Programs of $4,999 and below
    EVMS My Story 2016
    Eastern Virginia Medical School

    The My Story video series is the cornerstone of our goal to put a “face” on the human impact of EVMS’ contributions to the community. As a campus of physicians and scientists, EVMS’ past marketing efforts relied on data to make the case for our positive effect on people’s lives. Now, we use video to step out from behind the numbers and connect with our community on an emotional level. Each story is powerful on its own, but together the videos demonstrate EVMS’ success in making the Hampton Roads community a healthier place.

    View the submission here and videos here and here

    2nd Place
    Tactics: Newsletters of $5,000 and above
    Good Tidings Newsletter
    Hampton Roads Community Foundation

    The Hampton Roads Community Foundation publishes Good Tidings newsletters in the spring and fall to update key stakeholders about foundation programs, grants, donors, initiatives and scholarships. The community foundation is the largest grant and scholarship provider in southeastern Virginia.

    The newsletter is published in both print and digital forms and complements the community foundation's public relations tactics -- website, annual report, special events and relationship building.

    View the winning submission here

    2nd Place
    Tactics: Annual Reports of $5,000 and above
    Community Connections- Annual Report
    Hampton Roads Community Foundation

    Community Connections, the latest annual report for the Hampton Roads Community Foundation, is a key part of this organization’s public relations strategy. The community foundation is the largest grant and scholarship provider in southeastern Virginia.

    The annual report features financial and other data from 2015 interwoven with stories of grant and donor impact in southeastern Virginia. It details financial information while highlighting through storytelling the impact of the community foundation and its donors. Impact boxes highlight the connections between nonprofits, donors and scholarship recipients.

    This publication helps position the community foundation to inspire philanthropy and transform lives in southeastern Virginia.

    View the award-winnng work here.

    URL’s included with submission:




    1st Place
    Tactics: Newsletters of $5,000 and above
    St. Mary’s Home
    Brickell & Partners

    St. Mary's Home provides superlative quality, specialized care in a homelike environment for children and young adults with severe disabilities, so each person can achieve his or her fullest potential.  The newsletter simultaneously advances the Home's successful foundation and interest among key targeted audiences. Content highlights productive daily activities, and each photo is chosen to exhibit the deep personal, loving communication between residents and staff.

    View the award-winning newsletter here. 

    1st Place
    Tactics: Media Relations of $4,999 and below
    St. Mary’s Prom
    St. Mary’s Home

    Every year, teens with profound disabilities who live at the nonprofit St. Mary's Home attend prom. After about a decade of holding the big dance on campus, staff who were organizing the event to be held in 2016 wanted to make it more special. They turned to St. Mary’s director of marketing communications for help. The director obtained free use of a downtown hotel and other donations, then successfully pitched local media a heart-warming story of staff, volunteers and businesses coming together to create a fantastic event. The result was more coverage than the Home had ever received.

    View the submission here. 

    Media coverage:



    1st Place
    Programs: Reputation/Brand Management of $5,000 and above
    Cox Virginia Economic Impact
    Cox Communications Virginia

    The challenge: Creatively use an economic impact report created by one of the region’s leading economists to ensure that your brand and reputation remain solid against new competitive threats creating confusion in the marketplace about your services, capabilities and community commitment. That’s the situation that Cox Communications faced as we devised a strategy to boil down a 40-page economic impact report into impactful information shared across a variety of channels to address confusion among key stakeholder audiences, ensure their support and understanding of the deep community commitment, economic impact and solid track record of network investment that Cox has offered.

    View the award-winning submission here. 

    1st Place & Best in Show
    Programs: Special Events of $5,000 and above
    First-ever STIHL Influencer Summit
    STIHL Inc.
    Meridian Group

    From Sept. 26-29, 2016 STIHL Inc. hosted online bloggers and influencers covering a variety of topics at the inaugural “STIHL SUMMIT” with a custom three-day STIHL experience in Virginia Beach, Va. Each of the 10 attendees, all leaders in their spaces, were provided a custom itinerary of activities relevant to their audiences, in exchange for content and coverage on their various platforms throughout the event. The goal of the SUMMIT was to implement an Influencer Marketing program at STIHL and expand our client’s reach in new digital media. Our anticipated impression goal was exceeded by more than 10 million.

    View the award-winning submission and recap video

    1st Place
    Tactics: Annual Reports of $5,000 and above
    The Port of Virginia Fiscal Year 2016 Annual Report
    The Port of Virginia
    Meridian Group

    The Port of Virginia is a catalyst for commerce in the Commonwealth, creating jobs and moving incoming and outgoing cargo year-round. But how do you humanize cranes, ships, trains, barges and trucks? Our task on this project was to give a face to the port through its annual report. We developed a cargo box-shaped cover and filled the report with the stories of the people who do business with the port and those impacted by the cargo it handles daily. The annual report is delivered to 9,500 stakeholders, law makers, economic development leaders, customers and business leaders across the Commonwealth.

    View the submission here and annual report here.  

    1st Place

    Tactics: Media Relations of $5,000 and above
    Compostable Single-Serve Launch
    Massimo Zanetti Beverage, USA
    O’Brien et al

    Using the RACE/REPACE planning structure, O’Brien et al. prepared a plan of public relations that centered on an integrated media relations campaign using earned and owned communications channels.  The plan had to address two separate goals – establish awareness of product availability in the introductory market (Chicago) while generating base awareness nationally in certain news categories (coffee industry, grocery/CPG and environment beat news).

    View the award-winning submission here. Listen to the spots here and here

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