Membership Monday - Meet Megan Goldwasser

    Megan Goldwasser has been a freelance writer/contractor for McRoberts Communications for four years, which is also how long she’s been involved in public relations.

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    Member Monday - Get to Know Your Vice President Sally Hartman

    PRSA Hampton Roads President-Elect Sally Hartman has been a member of PRSA since she began working in public relations 25 years ago.

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    Membership Monday - Get to Know Your Board Members - Meet Sarah Buck

    Sarah Buck is public affairs manager at Cox Communications. A member of PRSA Hampton Roads for 10 years, Sarah has been on the board for nearly three years, serving as director, secretary and now as chapter treasurer. Read on to learn more about Sarah!

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    8 Vital Social Media Marketing Tips for Small & Mid-Sized Businesses

    More small and mid-sized businesses recognize the power of social media. Experts recommend these steps to help small and mid-sized businesses implement effective social media marketing.

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    Membership Monday - Have You Accessed Your Free Webinars?

    Have you taken advantage of the webinars that are included with your PRSA membership?

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